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Present markets

60% of its products are sold in Israel. The other 40% are exported to Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, ex-Czechoslovakia, Rumania, France, U.K., India.

The company sells to installers of control and security systems.

Know-how developed by the company

The know-how developed in-house includes the software and communications for all the systems.

R&D Capacities

Employees are assigned to R&D as production is done by subcontractors.


Products/Services presently marketed

The company is active in computerized security and control systems:

1. EAGLE: Multi-zone fire and burglar alarm security system, supervising 1000 zones by a single 4 wires line integrating external devices control, linked to remote key and pad controllers, computer and printer.

2. HAWK: Programmable computerized alarm systems for shops, small factories, homes (up to 16 zones).

3. CLIFFEAGLE: Security system for high-rise apartments which integrates into a single system fire security and interphone for every apartment.

4. NIGHTINGALE: Control system used in hospitals: it is a nurse-call system with many sophisticated features e.g. the possibility to register up to 150 events with time and date

5. HOTEL-CARE: system as another application of N4: it enables the control from a central point of air conditioning, video, locks, security,

The company also produces infrared detectors (which are part of and alarm system).