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The HOTELCARE control panel is a real multiplexed distributed system with the ability of supervising

and controlling more than 256 inputs or outputs devices connected by a single line.

The connection of the local I/O devices is made by low-priced addressable End of line units (EOL).

Those EOL's can be mounted in the sensor or the output device housing, thus enabling complete line


The fast scanning rate enables the system to cope with rapidly changing sensors. Every scan cycle

includes two way communication between the system and every single E.O.L.

The HOTELCARE is a complete control system for discrete I/O devices. The system performs

conditioned activation of output devices following user programmable logical input/output linking and

timing as well as manual operation.

The HOTELCARE is a stand alone programmed controller operated operated by remote by remote units

(keypads). System reports can be logged at a serial printer/personal computer. Control of the

HOTELCARE can be implemented by means of appropriate graphic user interface software.

2. Adding the dimension of energy management

With a little help from the HOTELCARE you can offer your customers safety, comfort and control in

one integrated system.

Figure 1 presents a typical system configuration for hotels. The system in connected to 50 room.

Each user disarms his own room by Key or magnetic card control. After authorized entry room system

will disarm itself automatically.

External devices (sirens, fire extinguishers, cameras etc). are programmed according to system


Usually one or more remote units are operating the HOTELCARE. A remote unit has its numerical

keypads (often we shall refer to the remote unit as "the keypad"), with display of 2 rows by 16

alphanumeric characters, LCD dot matrix and 2 lads.

The Rs-232 communication link enables the HOTELCARE to output continuous report of system

status and any occurring events to a serial printer.

The HOTELCARE nay be connected to an IBM-PC compatible with computer software that fully

defines configuration, completely controls the protected areas, zoon on the infiltrated/hazard zone,

indicating the detector that activated the alarm.







The and of lines (figure 2) are connected in parallel to the main cable wires, The numerous zones

supervised by HOTELCARE can be organized as logical independent subsystems.

The HOTELCARE control panel will provide alarm system, fire alarm protection and energy control to

each room. Each of them is operated by separated keys or magnetic cards.

The system determines whether or not the premises are occupied. Based on "occupancy", the

HOTELCARE has the ability to control various devices:


Increase heating/cooling efficiency by reducing energy consumption while an area is unoccupied.


Lighting, water heaters, air cleaners, etc. can be automatically controlled to save additional energy

during unoccupied tines.


Eliminates the spreading of smoke which increases damage and stops feeding oxygen to the fire.


The HOTELCARE monitors the presence or absence of people in the room through the entry/exit

doors and interior detection loops of a security system.

Since the sensors in a security system continuously detect and report activity (whether or not the

system is armed). Area. This constant flow of information allow the HOTELCARE to determine

occupancy and appropriately control the HVAC system and other auxiliary devices.


There are no controls to operate nor any programming required by your customer; operation is

automatic. When an entry/exit door is opened, a probable change of occupancy is indicated.

HOTELCARE initiates a search for a preset period of time, looking for occupancy (a signal from an

interior device). If no motion is detected during the search time, the area is assumed unoccupied.

HOTELCARE activates its output control relays to disconnect the thermostat from the HVAC

system it no one is present. It also turns off and devices connected to it.

When the room is re-entered, the HOTELCARE immediately senses the change in occupancy and

returns control of the HVAC system to the thermostat. It closes its "area occupied" relay, turning on

the auxiliary equipment connected to it.

3. Description of the integrated multiple function for room (figure 3)

3.1 the room subsystem will start entering the unoccupied mode.

After the door opening, the system will monitor for occupancy. It no occupancy is detected at the PIR for a programmable time interval, the room subsystem will be armed.

3.2 the room subsystem will enter occupied mode by authorized user getting in using the key or magnetic card.

3.3 at the occupied mode the subsystem will not be active as intrusion alarm system only the personal attack (panic) button will be activated. The HVAC system will be fully controllers by the thermostat.

The system will tern on any room devices connected to it via the OUTPUTS.

Fire alarm protection is 24H activated (either at occupied or unoccupied mode). The fire alarms will be received at the reception after the room fire (smoke) detector had been activated or after pressing a fire button in the room or at the corridor.

The fire procedure of the system includes prealarm warning and automatic smoke detector reset.

Extinguishing devices may be activated from the HOTELCARE via E.O.L outputs. The HOTELCARE will shut down HVAC during fire emergencies. Alarms for duress and distress panic bottoms will be acknowledge at and mode periods.

3.4 At the unoccupied mode, the system will alert about:

* Opening the door (without key or magnetic card).

* Opening of the window

Obviously the subsystem will response to fire alarms during unoccupied mode.

At this mode the HOTELCARE will shut down HVAC, lighting, and turn off any devices connected to it. As an alternative, the HOTELCARE will disconnect the thermostat from the HAVC system and connect it to a set up thermostat t an energy saving level.

3.5 if the boor or the window will be left opened for more than programmed period of time the HOTELCARE will shut down the HVAC system. Further more the HOTELCARE will alert about it at the reception.

In this case the lighting have to be controlled from other OUTPUT in order to turn off the HVAC by oneself. The room subsystem can enter to unoccupied state even if the window is open. The magnet zone will be canceled and an alert will be notice at the reception.

The room system will not enter to unoccupied if the boor is open.

3.6 at a power failures the HOTELCARE will restore power to the HVAC unit, after a programmable recession

3.7 the HVAC unit and the lighting can be activated and aborted from the reception manually or automatically according to a time schedule.