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EAGLE: Multiplex security and control addressable system


1. System overview

The Eagle is an advanced decentralized, multi zone multi dope system.

Addressable devices communicate the exact location of an alarm to the system panel, improving recognition of a condition and the subsequent response to it. They also pinpoint precisely the location of trouble conditions, minimizing lapses in protection.

All Addressable inputs and outputs devices can be connected over just 4 wires. For simplicity of the Eagle wiring minimizes errors, making the system remarkably easy and economical to install. See “system block diagram” figure.

The core of the system is a microprocessor based controller. Anything that is activated by voltage or relay can be selectivity controlled over the same 4 wires. (Alarms, CCTV control, lights, door access, dampers, speakers, smoke doors ex).

Output operation.

The Eagle controls as a real decentralized system up to 256 inputs, outputs of integrated I/O End of Line cards. Controller panel scan directly and repidly all End of Lines. End of Lines can be connected very flexibility in loop, tree or any mix loop-tree connection. The designer can put the control at the sensor or actuator level communication through the network topogy of there own design.

Up to 32 remote two lines 16 characters backlite designer keypad units, can be connected to the Eagle.

The Remote keypad units are decorated desigh, sleek compact attractive, with large “soft Touch” backlit keys temporarily brighten when any key is touched. Two system status led′s and piezo sounder, one for user friendly system control.


1.1 Keypad is specially designed for:


Configuration of Input zones, outputs and various syatem options by the field emgineer.

Smart user operation of the system accessed by modfiable passwords.

Displa of events, system statem status etc. on its LCD.

The Eagle is sud-divided up to 20 sud-dystems and operated with up to

40 passwords. Passwords. Each area can be controlled by its assigned

keypads, keys and/or passwords at the same time as another

keypads/keys/passwords are being used to control a different areas.



1.2 computer software

1.2.1 General Features

A powerful solution for supervising and controlling large buildings,

Hospitals, campuses, military-bases and more.

Easy and versatile generation of graphical and textual databases.

Real-time multitasking MMI system.

LAN support.

Export and import of various databases.

Multimedia features.

Full DDE support.

Clipboard support.

User friendly and intuitive operation.

Fully Download and Upload defines system configuration.

Completely controls the system and connected devices.

Visual display of the protected areas.

Zoom on the infiltrated/hazard zone. Indicating the detector that activated the alarm.

Data bank of events.

Up to 8 Eagle systems can be commected to one computer controlled by multitasking software for monitoring and actuation of up to 2048 I/O.

1.2.2 Operator Tools

Operation on icon and scheme level.

Online events table and pop-up events.

Login and password management.

Day/Night and Enable/disable management.

Flow charts and instructions per event.

Historical reports by macros.

Online system hypertext helps.

1.2.3 Engineering Tools

Easy editing and import of graphical schemes.

Controlling colors, palettes and event priority.

System setup by pull-down menus and check boxes.

Easy handling of custom controls, buttons, text and chained schemes.

1.2.4 Requirements


PC 486 DX2 or higher.

8 MB RAM (16 recommended).

Super VGA (Accelerator recommended).

25 MB free disk space.

Parallel printer port.

RS-232 serial ports.


Sound card.


MS-WINDOWS 3.1 or higher.

Windows 95

Windows NT.

1.3 Printer Iink:

The Eagle is directly connected to serial printer link to facilitate:

Continuous report of system status and of any events occurring.

History printing of lasts events and last user details.

Printout of the system configuration.                                              













































































































2. Applications

The numerous zones supervised by the Eagle can be organized as logical

independent as logical independent subsystems. That way, a single Eagle control

panel can provide:

* Multi zones system. Integrated zones control and conditional outputs activation.

* Multi-zone fire alarm and security system integration. External devices (sirens,

power down, fire extinguishers, cameras, monitors, etc.) are controlled by

programmed conditions. Fire alarm protection includes prealarm warnings and

automatic smoke detectors reset.

* Several distinct ALARM SYSTEMS, each of them operated by separate remote

control units or keys. Each system is fully featured, owning its immediate,

delayed, following etc. protected zones and private siren.

* Guard patrol route supervision system, which reports any deviation, forms the time

or path previously defined between posts and routes. The system will alarm on

every digression from the order of post visitation. The guard patrol is active at

time windows.

* Powerful complete control system for discrete I/O devices.

* Typical applications for the system include use of the PC in a security office having

monitoring/control responsibility for a building complex (commercial/industrial), a

shopping center, block of homes, apartments or condominium in a residential

complex, banks, museums, factories, military camps, etc.

3. Eagle programming

* Filed programming of all addressable devices, communicate the exact location of

an alarm to the system panel, and also pinpoint precisely the location of trouble


* Programmable through keypad in non-volatile memory.

* Site initiated or remote download from an IBM. compatible PC. Requirements:

windows 3.1 or higher, Hayes modem, up/down load software.

* Account takeover protection – prevents unauthorized takeover of your accounts.

* Downloading security with: security code handshake, data encryption, operator

access levels to files and functions, date/time stamping with operator ID.

* Remote downloads capabilities:

Change user codes.

Enter new program.

Upload resident control program.

Event display

* Powerful implementation of event logging. This feature provides capturing and

time/date stamping of all events within the system. You may select for displaying

or printing the log: alarms, trouble, restores. Or, opening, closing and bypasses

with operator and keypad ID.

* The Eagle can display the events on the keypad consoles or print then on

standard RS232 serial interface printer. You nay set up the printer for operation in

one or two modes: on line or on demand printing. In on line mode, all events

selected will be printed as they occur. In demand mode, you nay command the

control to print a selected log’s contents when desired.

* Event display through logical connected output of: input status, group of inputs,

sub system status, alarms, faults.

* For monitoring usage the PC windows based software provides a graphic

mapping facility with graphic icons for sensor identification. When an alarm is

received, a plan/map of the protected location is automatically brought to the PC

display the status of all the zones and systems (arming status, ready to arm

status, cancel, etc.).

* PC and printer can be commented directly simultaneous.

Control features

* Fast and simple installation.

* User friendly operation transparent for subsystems operators.

* Customized zone descriptors.

* Complete line protection. Digital communication to E.O.L and resistor protected

line from the E.O.L module to sensor.

* System and keypads fully supervised with tamper feature. Short/Disconnection in

siren coil and/or burnt fuse will cause failure detection.

* ALL inputs/outputs include spike protection.

* 256 events history log with real time clock and 64 last open/close history log with

operators and keypads information.

* System support up to 32 backlit 32 character, touch-tone full-size keys brighten

when touched. Keypads are addressable enabling logical connection to


* 20 fully featured independent subsystems in a single control panel and line.

Logically connected to keypads and or passwords. Retain the facility for setting

And unsetting each subsystem by means of just a traditional keys, connected to

input modules.

* Logic connection of outputs and system response (dialing, communicator, printer,

computer, siren, buzzer, etc.) to input and system conduct.

* 40 individually-reporting user codes, separate 4 to 9 digits with master security

levels. Used codes are changeable by authorized users.

* Codes for manual output activation.

* Microphone and/or voice module input.

* Communicator report in all major formats. Bidirectional telephone/radio to the

central station.

* Auto arm/Auto disarm to every subsystem.

* Walk test diagnostics mode.

* 24 hour inherent protection for all zones.

Outputs and system response

* 4 wire line connection to End of Line output units.

* Dialer output to central station receiver and regular programmed phone numbers

(phone line overtaken by internal relay).

* Wireless two way communication to central station receiver.

* 10 multi purpose on board programmable outputs.

* 4 wire line to remote keypads connection (used to program and control the


* RS-232 link to computer and/or printer.

* Two protected sirens.

* Expansion connector for custom tailored installation.















* UP to 256 addressable inputs/outputs End of Line units.

* Multiplexed distributed system single line connection.

* Complete line protection.

* 20 logical independent subsystems.

* Serial printer RS-232 connection for system reports.

* Graphic user interface software on PC.

* 10 user programmable on – board outputs 8 of them 100 MA wet outputs. 2 are 5

Ampere, spat relays.

* Up to 32 remote, addressable LCD keypads.

Input power: 12 VAC, CLAS 2 step down transformer (24 VA or, 36 VA, 48 VA


Current Consumption: system – 95 MA type, KPD – 65 Ma typ.

Peak Auxiliary output Power: 3.8 A (eiyh 48 VA transformer).

Speaker outputs: Build in driver for two 127 dB siren, 15w 8 ohms, 30w 4 ohms.
























Max voltage droop: (From system to addressable I/O): 3V.

Housing Dimensions:

Eagle: 300mm x 305mm x 90mm.

Keypad: 30x13.5x11x mm.

Shipping weight:

Eagle: 3.5kg (approx).

Keypad: 190 gr.







































Ordering information:






MIEG 127

Eagle 127 zone (for installation up to 127 input/output)

MIEG 256

Eagle 256 zone (for installation up to 256 input/output)


Alpha numeric 2 line keyboard (illuminated LCD and keys)


Alpha numeric keypad with large LCD display


RS 232 printer link


RS 232 connection to P.C.


Input card


Output card


Input + output card


Buffer for electrical separation and signal reconstruction


Mother board for buffer and 7 I/O cards (up to 15 I/O)


Relay card with 2 pole 1.25A and led. To be connected to the I/O card.


P.I.R detector with integrated multiplexing addressable input. 4 pulse count and interchangeable lenses.





























The Products are distribute in Israel and over the world in:

India, Egypt, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece.

In Israel the Eagle system are the leading in the big and high security installation:

Banks, Military, Courts, Shopping Centers, Factories, Industrial buildings, in private

Large houses, Museums, Prisons, office towers, Auditorium, Clinics, Governments

building, Ware house, Kibbutzim.

The systems are giving internal and periphereal high defense.