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CLIFFEAGLE: Multiplexing integrated system for high rise apartments

1. General  

The cliffeagle system is designed in order to give a complete solution for high rise,

including building with several entry panels and building with concierge.

The system integrate the following functions:

1.1 Separate alarm system for every tenement.

1.2 Option for panic switches at every apartment.

1.3 Fire gas detection.

1.4 Smart digital intercom or video phone system with privacy of conversation.

System configuration

The cliffeagle control panel is a real multiplexed distributed system with the ability of supervising and controlling more than 256 inputs or outputs devices connected by single line.

The connection of the local I/O devices is made by low-priced addressable end of line units (EOL). Those EOL’s can be mounted in the sensor at output device housing, or an apartment motherboard card, thus enabling complete line protection.

The fast scanning rate enables the system to cope with rapidly changing sensors. Every scan cycle includes two way communication between the system and every single E.O.L.

The cliffeagle is a complete control system for discrete I/O devices. The system performs conditioned activation of output devices following user programmable logical input/output linking and timing as well as manual operation.

The cliffeagle is a stand alone programmed controller operated by remote units at the entrance, concierge and on tenement. System reports can be logged at a serial printer/personal computer. Control of the cliffeagle can be implemented by means of appropriate graphic user interface software.

The cliffeagle will integrate with any audio and video door entry system, enabling connection of the video/audio signals (without the separate address lines for each apartment) in parallel to all apartments.

The cliffeagle can very easily overturned existing intercom system to digital cal system adding the feature of fire, security, panic/distress calls.







3. The tenement system

Two cables, one for the controller and one for the audio/video system are parallel

connected to all apartments.

Polling the forced entry inputs or the smoke detectors inputs, the cliffeagle will warn,

alert of any alarm condition (as a security system the cliffeagle has two SIREN

outputs, a built in dialer, on-board relays and whatever an alarm system may need,

using output E.O.L’s, sirens can be installed in each apartment or fire extinguishing

devices may be activated). Moreover, adding the proper E.O.L’s to the apartments,

the cliffeagle can perform the function of an alarm system for each of the

residences. Each occupant can be provided with a personal key. Using this key he

can put OFF or turn ON its “own” alarm system. All E.O.L’s are connected on the

same single line.

4. The audio/video house phone system

The Cliffeagle support up to ten entrance panels and concierge panel. The entrance

and concierge panels are equipped with a microprocessor which performs the

function of touch buttons scanning, display the data entered and “transmits” the

information to the control unit. The control unit then makes the appropriate

connections to the flats units, thus enabling a two way communication between the

entrance or concierge and the requested resident.

Pressing the call button in the apartment will put the flat number on the bakelite LCD

display, will light the “calls pending” LED of the concierge unit. To acknowledge the

call, the system will light up the reassurance LED of the flat. To alert the concierge

man, the cliffaegle buzzer will sound intermittently. When all calls have been

attended the buzzer will stop (or the operator will cancel it). The operator has the

ability to cancel each call.

Calls are displayed by the flat numbers accompanied by the hour at which the call

was made. At the door entry panel the LCD display will guidance the visitor what to


By pressing the flat number the Cliffeagle will activate a relay capable of

making the unit connection to the audio/video channel. This connection will be

maintained for one flat only, thus preventing eavesdroppers to join the


At same time or by pressing “E” the cliffeagle will activate a buzzer in the

called residence unit. After the flat connection a press on the push button (the

same of the above call button to the concierge) will triggered the door open





Using one of its on-board relays the cliffeagle will release for a preset period of

time the boor lock.

The same procedure is done by calling the flat from the concierge switch


On the concierge LCD display all the calls, alarm and fault will be displayed. By

pressing “E” the current call on the display will be served and the flat will be


When not connecting the entrance or the concierge, the phones at flats can be

optionally connected to parrot: a voice module with build microphone that can

record and reproduce messages.

Code lock at door entry

The illuminated keypad can be used to release electric locks by keying figure codes.


Cliffeagle will transmit in all major formats, separately from every apartment.

Printer link

An optional printer link can log to paper continuous and history report of system status and any occurring events.

All activities done by the concierge including time of calls or messages and time of their cancellation will be printed.

Computer software

* Fully defines system configuration up/down loading.

* Completely controls the system and connected devices.

* Visual display of the protected areas.

* Zoom on the infiltrated/hazard zone, indicating the detector that activated the


* Date bank of events.